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The Psalm of Janet
The Day the Towers Fell"
janet-grace swaim

Verse 1:
My sister Linda was spared
September 11th 2001
a day that will live in infamy…infamy
Dial 9-1-1, for 1 + 1 = 2
Towers fallen
She works, (she worked)
for Marsh & McLennan, in North Tower 1
on the 96th floor of the World Trade Center
And she should have been there, that day
she should have been there
My sister.........
should have been there at
her normal time, 8:45 a.m.
She was not

Selah =(pause and think calmly on that)

Verse 2:
I walked through the Port Authority that morning
a strange premonition hangingin the air
as if everything slowed down.
became sacredsomehow
"THE TIME IS NOW: 7:54 a.m.
Words, just words against the board, but
Strange, jumping out, as if to grab
I continued walking downtown to catch the E
a subway voice "IT IS NOW: 8:10 rises from a passing car
a passing thought, a Scripture brought to mind
today is the day of salvation"
surreal, slow-motion
We were all underwater

Verse 3:
And then at work…
    the news…the family calls
       the panic
          there was no way Linda was alive
             for the Tower was hit, target-direct...hit
                    her floors…
                    her floor!!!
                    Babylon fallen
                           dead, gone....
                                   and then…
                                   The 2nd Tower…
                                        it literallyfalls
                                        fallen, Babylon fallen
                                        (and we didnt know
                                         which tower she was in.)
                                         we didnt know
                                         our ignorance

But then the cell call to Deb
I’m ok…I'm on the Jersey side "
and the heavens themselves collapse
I run to tell my mother
(for she was there…)
"She's ok…she's ok…she's…."
alive and I'm shrieking
like a balloon

10:35 A.M.
and my sister
is alive
Thank you God, thank you
she was onlytwo stops
away, she was only…
ten minutes away

Verse 4:
The Age of Technology… connected we are
Those off-site were beeped and Linda as well
cell to cell, (deep calling deep)moments after the crash
"We are here, twelve of us, waitingto be rescued
And again, "We are trapped in the conference room"
and the last, "Fire and smoke…love you"
And then(after Tower two) Tower one.

Verse 5:
GET OUT of the flame
cannot breathe…cannot see
visions on shore standing
a life-line is thrown
but it hits you in the face

friends gone….
a horror show, a video
replayed over & over
in real-time
A wet blanket wrapping around your neck, a cord of death
Sorrow, choking


Verse 6:
we sit with our sister, she sits with her list
her "Survivor
s List," (.her Schindler's List)
of names
She paces
on the phone, calls pouring in, CEO's, husbands, wives
"Have you seen so and soare they on the list!!!???"
Its a Holocaust set in stone
Its Anger.inside
CRASH!!! An explosion
"Why did the plane have to hit Marsh!!??
Her coffee-buddy- Elaine –right there
sat there, Northeast window - the plane's nose
(did she look up???)
And it was budget week at Marsh...and all were to be in early, and many were
but many were not, did not make it in
that day….for they were spared
The Lord spared them
For a reason!!!!??? Yes, for a reason
And Linda's numb face, looks out.....
"Dolores was always in at 8, she was always in at 8."
your friends, your livelihood, your routine, your papers, your bills          (even her sneakers)
in a moment, in a flash.gone

 Verse 7:
Dolores.where are you!!!!??
Underneathtrying to.get out?? Oh, cant they dig faster?
Can't they work harder? Where IS God!!!????
Delayedon a train.? SATAN!!!
Why do you much!!!?
Why do you work through this mass of heaping humanity.
Who gave you the right!!!!?? Did we??? (Do we?)
Oh sorrowunaware we play
like children laughing
monsters lurk and we do not see, or notice
that anything is amiss
Hatred feeds upon its chosen, and we look up, surprised
pretending as if, we have played no part
and we.
are in denial

Verse 8:
Lady Liberty, speak to me
Dear Freedom, bring me words of comfort
your strange words of comfort
You say: Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me
I lift my lampbeside the golden door!"
Buthow, how can you love like this, Freedom?
How can you stand, while I sink in mire?
Undone I am, undoneyet.
I know I too must rise
must stand.a statue frozen
in time, a monument eternal
yet fleeting

Oh friend
What is your life?
the pearls you are holding
are they not alsomeaningless?
this too shall pass…” the poets say
Well, what are we living for then?

What are we doing?
We are mortal yet immortal
in a moment of questioning
What the hell have we been
trusting in this whole time?
(my question becomes.personal)
Janet, where will you spendEternity?

Bad things cannot always be explained
It hurts the soul to try
but out
from underneath this pile I will lift
my voice, still, to cry
towering tears, I am spinning
trapped beneath  rubble

Ancient of Days
Yeshuah,  IAM

you saved my sisterthat fateful day
and I believe I am returning to you
concerned I am, you see
about the condition
of my soul
the towers in my heart
have fallen, my soul is longing
to be near you….
And only time will tell
I am
I am yearning for
assurance, on my knees…
insurance from my needs
Confessing the darkness within
Save me now Lord
So I can go on…so I can grow on
Something solid.

“Today is the Day of Salvation”


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